How to clean the upholstery of the sofa

How to clean the upholstery of the sofa 

How to clean the upholstery of the sofa?
 Any upholstery (except plush and velvet) can be vacuumed. To refresh the color, wrap the brush of the vacuum cleaner with gauze soaked in a solution of 1 tsp. salt per 1 liter. water

 If the upholstery has a dirt-protective coating, it is impossible to use solvents during cleaning.

 Leather upholstery (natural, eco-leather) needs to be wiped with a soft cloth with a soapy solution, but you can not use detergent and detergent with acetone.

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 The upholstery from velvet is wiped with a cloth soaked in warm water. Do not use a brush. Quickly get rid of the dust will help a wet sheet, draped over the sofa.

 From the velvet surface and upholstery from the flock, you can not scrape off the dried stains: the hairiness of the


How to clean the upholstery of the sofa 

How to clean the upholstery of the sofa 

 Chenille fabric will be disturbed and the jacquard will only carry dry cleaning, no water.
 With suede upholstery, it is easy to remove dirt with a soap solution or suede products (special spray impregnation).

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