22 Modern Kitchen Cabinets Will Inspire You

22 Modern Kitchen Cabinets Will Inspire You 

Modern Kitchen Cabinets have a great storage idea for your kitchen tools.
Some women suffer from chaos in their homes, especially in kitchens. The reason for the lack of space is that the design of the buildings is much smaller than the past, which requires some intelligence and art in the order of the kitchen commensurate with the space of the place, how many tools used in the kitchen, And the way to divide it to accommodate the utensils and tools in an orderly manner, which facilitates access without wasting time in search and return again, and there are simple practical solutions that we can learn and apply in our kitchens.Modern Kitchen Cabinets

- Sort of use: It is always recommended to place and arrange utensils and kitchen utensils according to use, meaning to put the tools used in close proximity to hand, and the tools can be used in the use of the upper storage space, which provides practical space in the kitchen.

Easy to clean: It is good to put jerry cans, honey cans, jams and oils that are used daily in multi-layer racks. They are easy to clean covers that protect the shelves and kitchen tables from dirt at every time and effort.

Sort by size: Always take into account the arrangement of cooking utensils in the shelves or drawers placed inside each other size measure, which provides more space and cabinets arranged always, and allows access to the purpose without the trouble of searching in the treasury.

- Dishwasher: A smart idea for arranging and storing dishes in a vertical way, which provides more space and accommodate a larger number of dishes in a small space, and works to keep glass dishes from breaking when arranged on top of each other.

Partitioning of drawers: The tools for dividing drawers and shelves in the kitchen cabinets can be used to coordinate and arrange the tools of each type separately. The mixing of the empty boxes with the covers, with different sizes and types, are scattered pieces of furniture.

Sliding doors: An innovative idea applied in some modern kitchen designs, which helps to take pots and objects quickly and easily, an idea that provides the effort to handle the objects in the tanks.

The cupboard can be designed inside the wall, which provides space inside the kitchen. The cupboard does not occupy a prominent area in the kitchen. The cupboard can be used to store large quantities of kitchen utensils from cans or jars. The rare kitchen utensils can be arranged inside the cupboard.

Suspension of pans and pans: An old but practical idea that does not require a cupboard or shelves inside the kitchen, which exploits cabinets and kitchen cabinets in the storage of other purposes, the idea depends on the suspension of tugs and metal pans in a strong holder in one corner of the kitchen,

Storage Cart: Non-refrigerated food can be stored in wooden baskets or strings of wicker and placed in ventilated drawers so as not to spoil the food inside. It keeps the kitchen clean and prevents unwanted odors from garlic and onions from entering the kitchen.

Top Shelves: An elegant decor that can be applied in one corner of the kitchen to arrange the dishes and reflections in a neat and orderly way. It organizes and uses the horizontal kitchen space to put a large number of utensils and utensils.

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