Decorations for the home .. The Temesccope

Decorations for the home .. The Temesccope

A few months ago, Japanese "Ken Kawamoto" surprised everyone by inventing the "Tempescope". The device that captures you weather in the living room!
The "Tempescope" is a small box that captures the expected weather conditions. For example, if it is expected to rain, you will notice that the rain is pouring into the small box.

Just connect it "not wired" to a computer or mobile phone will search for the weather forecast through the Internet accurately and updated hour after hour !.

How did the idea start?

Kawamoto has begun to collect the costs of the device through the Indiegogo site, which specializes in collective financing to finance the idea of ​​a stylish Tempscope that brings weather from the smartphone or computer and creates fog, rain, lights and sunlight all inside a small glass box placed in the living room !.

The idea came to inventor Kawamoto after returning from his vacation in the Northwest Pacific, where he contemplated the sky and wished to bring it back home.

Kawamoto made the first model of Tempescope from simple household materials shampoo caps and light bulbs with "led" light and mist maker.

How did the idea develop?

The model began to evolve step by step as the inventor shared how to make the device with DIY enthusiasts, "make it yourself". But few who managed to make it for themselves, the inventor decided to use social finance sites to make it more readily available knowing that he will retain the original copy that he made for himself.

Tempscope's additional working methods allow the user to synchronize the weather with any place on the ground to get any weather any city chooses within his device

What then?

Kawamoto decided that the Tempscope would be partially dismantled so that the buyer needed to read an easy manual, connect some wires and collect some raw materials to keep the spirit of the buyer's self-employment. Kawamoto added that the device will receive a wireless certificate for Japan making it legal in the United States, Canada and Europe, but the certificate in Australia and some other countries taken separately.

Shipping is expected to start in April 2016 at a price between $ 200 and $ 250.

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