12 A successful trick to keep your house cool in the summer free

12 A successful trick to keep your house cool in the summer free



It is tempting to turn on the air conditioner or throw yourself in front of the fan during the hot months, but it is not the only way to keep cool, as there are many ways to protect the temperature without the need for a high electricity bill, all of which will ensure a sense of cold.

Despite the simplicity of this method, it is noted that 30% of unwanted heat comes from our windows. Curtains can save 7% of your bill and reduce room temperature to 20. In other words, closing curtains Will prevent your home from owning the greenhouse effect, especially with windows on both the south and west sides.

2. Be smart about your doors: The closing of your door will allow cold air to enter during the most hot day of the day.

This can be done, fill a bowl with ice or something with the same cold, a bowl of ice or something with the same cold, and set the container in front of a large fan so that the air hits the snow, You will feel an unmatched feeling.

4. Replace your cover: Replacing your covers seasonally refreshes your room, which is a great way to keep the room cool, especially when using Venilian or woolen fabrics for insulation purposes. Cotton is a smart option because it is easily implemented and remains cool.

5. Adjust the ceiling fan clockwise: Whether you're wearing it or not, your roof needs to be adjusted seasonally, set your counterclockwise counterclockwise, the fan will generate a breeze and feel cooler.

6. Focus on your temperature instead of the temperature of the house: Your ancestors have survived without the need for air conditioning, and you can also in many ways, from drinking cool walks to wearing cold clothes, so you are cooling yourself from the inside not bad idea.

7. Run the bathroom fans: or kitchen fans, if any, both pull hot air rising during cooking, and also try to take a hot shower outside your apartment.

8. Make your bed anti-heat: Moisturizing your blanket with cold water will help you a lot.

9. Let the night air flow through you: During the summer months, temperatures may drop at night. If this condition applies to the place where you live, make the best of these refreshing hours by opening the windows to its occupants before going to sleep. You can even make an air tunnel By strategically concentrating your fans to force the air to flow to you, just be sure to close the windows and curtains before the temperature rises again in the morning.

10. Get rid of the bright lights: If you need a drive to use energy saving lamps or compact fluorescent lamps, you should know that the bright lights waste 90% of their energy on the heat they emit in the air, so throwing these lamps will make a significant difference on the degree Heat your home and reduce your electricity bill at the same time.

11. Roast out instead of using the oven: The use of oven or burner during the summer will make your home more hot, if you feel that the temperature is high in your home, the use of the oven will make the mud worse.

12. Make long-lasting improvements: If you insist on never using the air conditioner, some adjustments will keep your house cool for the coming seasons: the use of insulated windows is an intelligent option and works similarly to blinds. The placement of some plants at the windows will protect your home from Sun rays.

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