Pastel Shades in The Interior Design

Pastel Shades in The Interior Design


 Architecture & Design: Pastel Shades in The Interior Design

Hello, everybody!. Today we will show you new modern and luxury designs. This Article helps you to decorate your home, apartment, apartment rooms, a garden. Every part in your home.

The interior of the room, made in pastel colors, looks airy and spacious. Pastel colors are often used in rooms with a small area, they visually increase the room. Pastel colors are opacity, color density, and whiteness.

Fashionable today and in demand at all times in many styles, pastel colors look very gently in the interior, it is an unusual tenderness and lightness in the interior of the children's room, bedroom, ease of design in the living room. The interior, done in pastel colors, allows you to relax, and relax in the feeling of complete peace.

Pastel shades used in the design of any room vary greatly with lighting. In the daytime, under the rays of the sun, they acquire a certain airiness, they become even lighter, become dark in the shade, especially in cold shades. In bright lighting in the evening, they are again light and spectacular, especially interesting are the shades on textured materials, during the day transforming the interior of the room through the play of light and shadows.

Today, in a trend, use pastel shades to create many design styles. The contrast on different invoices allows you to create stylish, original and very impressive interiors.

Pastel colors on pearlescent and glossy surfaces look much lighter, and lightness is created throughout the room, but the use of textiles with shiny and satin texture in the interior adds clarity, the blurriness inherent in pastel tones recedes into the background.

Velvety and fluffy textures in textiles, on the contrary, soften and fill the room with softness and calmness. With the help of a velvety surface, the sofa and armchair, rug and carpet create an unusual comfort in the room.

In any room, pastel colors are a comfort to the eyes and soul after a hardworking day, allowing you to really relax and relax. Lighting in this design uses a directional one to work on the clarity of the shapes not blurring the outlines.

The unique ability of pastel tones to dissolve and often applied together with white color, so that they are perceived in combination with bright and juicy colors.
Pastel shades are very harmonious when creating different styles, especially they play beautifully in classical style, country, modern and Provence. Modern House plan 164 square meters

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