Furniture for a very small apartment is selected on the principle of "Nothing superfluous.

Furniture for a very small apartment is selected on the principle of "Nothing superfluous.

" We will try to talk about furniture that will improve your home and create a comfortable life in a small area. 

✔Fordable furniture. 

The main task when buying furniture for a small area - to save space, and folding furniture - one of the most successful ways to save space. 

Tables-books, folding chairs - came to us from the era of small apartments - Khrushchev. And still such folding furniture is popular.

✔Sliding furniture.

Modern manufacturers have created furniture, capable, if necessary, to increase the usable area two or three times. For example, the table top of a lunch table and a coffee table can be laid out like a book.

Another model, is capable of increasing the surface of the countertop with the extension of an additional plane, or several planes - in the closed state all this hides beneath the main table-top.

Modern designers have invented very reliable mechanisms of transformation, with the help of such mechanisms, a person, like a magician, can almost instantaneously enlarge the table and arrange a fairly large amount of dishes.

In this case, there are models of furniture that can increase not only the surface of the tabletop, but also the height of the table. 

✔The furniture is chameleon.

In apartments of a small area, and sometimes it is generally one room, furniture is very necessary that can change its functions.

To such furniture it is possible to carry a sofa and an armchair - bed.
In the afternoon these places are used for sitting, and at night they turn into a place for rest, so the living room turns into a bedroom.

Some types of sofas can be transformed into two-level beds and this is thanks to modern transformation mechanisms.

Modern mechanisms can lift and lower furniture without the slightest effort.

✔Folding furniture.

Modern beds can be leaned against the wall during the day and there is a workplace in the form of a laptop desk and a bookshelf.

When you lower the bed, you do not even need to remove books from the shelves, as they simply hide in a special box, or they can simply become one of the bed supports.

There is a folding bed with shelves. When the bed takes a horizontal position - the sections of the rack just move apart.

✔Furniture on wheels.

Furniture on wheels is very convenient to use, of course the floor should be strong is not prone to scratches. With the help of such furniture, space for sleep or entertainment is quickly released. But when buying such furniture, pay attention to the presence of a stopper on the wheels so that the furniture can be securely fixed.

✔Furniture is the storehouse of all small things. 

Sofas, beds and armchairs take on the role of cabinets. In this furniture storage warehouses of various sizes and volumes are built in. In coffee and coffee tables there are secret drawers, in which you can always remove various useful things. In the armrest of the sofa are also built shelves and drawers. Under the bed there are drawers - they are convenient for laying bed linen.

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