Creative 5 Ways to Simplify Your Kitchen

Creative 5 Ways to Simplify Your Kitchen

Creative 5 Ways to Simplify Your Kitchen

 Store stuff where you use it

The most basic ways to simplify existing kitchens isto arrange equipment and dinner ware so that every things stored close tothe place where you use it.That means dishes next to the dishwasher,pots and pans next to the stove,and so forth"says Kovach,an architect based in Charleston,S.C."That will make your life in the kitchen much more relaxed and will also help you identify the things youre not using on a daily basis, which you may not need at all, or,at the very least, may need to store somewhere else."

The things you do use often should be stored closest to the work counters."That means in the base drawers directly below the counters,or the cabinets right above,"says Kovach.

When you place objects according to their"point of main use,"really think about what you do in the kitchen instead of blindly following convention, recommends Kurzeka,of Everythings Together in Minnetonka,Minn."Do you love to entertain,but actually call in caterers to do the cooking?Are you a fanatic baker?"she asks."Make whatever you use the most often the highest priority for using the space available.If that's a microwave and the stuff you use to heat up frozen dinners,that's what you should create as the focal activity center and where you should devote most of your storage space.Just remember,you're the one whos going to use the kitchen,so never mind what another cook or family would make top priority."

Design storage from the inside out

To make your kitchen look cleaner and work more efficiently,pay as much attention to the inside of storage cabinets and drawers as you do to that pretty veneer or dashing color."If you're not gutting the kitchen,a manageable improvement is upgrading the interior of your storage,"says Kalina."Consider each piece in terms of what goes inside and how you need to access it.Then consider adjustable and roll-out shelves,drawer dividers, and even upgrades like vertical tray dividers if you have a lot of cookie sheets."

Consider drawers,not deep cabinets

Kurzeka often helps clients draw up preliminary kitchen plans,and one thing she always encourages them to think about is using drawers in place of under counter cabinets."Those cabinets can be really deep which means wasted space and crawling around on your knees to get the stuff way in the back and designing pullout shelves for them can be expensive,"she says. "That might be an advisable approach to hold heavy pots and pans, but drawers are very helpful for any number of other things.You can use them to hold mixing bowls,for example, or create a baking drawer below the prep counter that holds the mixer,the pastry cutter and the sifter."

High quality drawers can hold a decent amount of weight,too she adds, and can be fairly wide if you need to hold implements such as griddles or baking sheets.One such heavy duty brand to consider is Glide-Out,from Shelf Conversions."They offer drawers with pegboards and upright dowels on the floor that strategically keep a stack of plates or bowls from sliding as the drawer closes," says Kurzeka.

Do take messages but skip the extra seating

"The trend in the past several years has been to get away from having a message center in the kitchen,but I think that's a mistake," says Kalina.Most people have always used the kitchen as a place to hang the car keys or for the kids to store their homework or even to check recipes on the laptop.If that describes your household,you shouldn't take that component of the design away and expect people to be able to change their ways."

You can make the message center simpler,though, says Kalina, by eliminating that extra chair or desk chair combination."You probably need an under counter file cabinet more,so you have a place to store all those papers."

Minimize multiple rules

Once you have tackled the concealed aspects of your kitchen, consider the visual impact of the materials you can see."A simplified kitchen design isnt so much about which materials you use in the visible spaces,but how many,"says Kalina."If you have a stone counter below a backsplash made up of several types of tile,that's going to look busy.

Try to limit the materials you use for kitchen focal points to two or three if you are going for a simple, soothing look.If you have a marble counter and want the tile backsplash,consider making the tile the same color as the marble,"says Kalina. "Or if you're using two kinds of cabinets in separate areas of the kitchen,consider using just one material and color for all the counters,even the island,to unify the look and keep it from being too jarring.

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