Amazing Apartment Design With lovely Colors

 Amazing Apartment Design With lovely Colors

The idea of ​​the apartment did not come immediately. I wanted to create an interior that corresponds to the modern rhythm of life: emphatically organized and practical, but at the same time emotional and cozy. The main desire of the customer for the composition was the presence of the aquarium. In addition, the designer was waiting for unusual original solutions. From these two points, and started to push off at work. 

Thinking over the plan, over the organization of space in memory, there were journals on bionics. Which led, in the future, to the leitmotif and to the main compositional center of the entire apartment - the ceiling in the form of a shell. As you understand, the aquarium fit very nicely into this concept.

Instantly everything was tied up into a single space. The fantasy ceiling of the living room flows into the hall, describing a spiral column. And the floor, in turn, from the living room to the kitchen, while sharing, the living room on the dining room and recreation area.

The whole room is kept in soft light colors, which provided it with volume and special warmth. Imitation of seaweed and bubbles decorated the main wall of the living room. The opportunity to highlight the stained-glass "bubbles" on the wall, added to them more lightness, and the wall in general, architectural complexity.

At the same time, the additional "deep-sea" color is given by reliefs made with decorative textured plaster and stained glass in the dining area, on which are depicted shells and fish. Against the background of all this, a huge aquarium with exotic fishes looks very organically.

The theme of the seabed calmly merges into the bedroom and is embodied there, in the form of a wall with an imitation of algae. A complex composition of planes constructed along local lines, moves to the ceiling, thereby breaking the space. The design of the bedroom is dominated by gentle light colors, which attract their smooth tranquility.

In the nursery and the study, it was decided to move away from the undulating lines. Geometry rules here. The illuminated niches that pass from the ceiling to the walls, in the nursery, repeat the interior solutions found in the bedroom. The furniture chosen for the project is modern and functional.

Thus, this design project has been sustained in a single ergonomic style, which fully meets the taste and requirements of the customer, and the maritime theme has brought here a special unique color.

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