A cheerful interior of a Paris apartment.

A cheerful interior of a Paris apartment. 



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From the streets of the 16th of Paris, it seems, it seems that behind the elegant facades of the houses are extremely conservative interiors. But one of the apartments in the house just does not lend itself to such a description. 

At 240 sq.m. The area is inhabited by classic panels with stucco molding, parquet-Christmas tree, elegant windows in the floor and funny wallpapers, quaint carpets and dozens of strange objects. It's like its own special reality: bright, positive and a bit odd. 

For children - spacious children's with a lot of prints and drawings, for adults - a bedroom that resembles an oriental tent. And the living room and the whole center of everything: books, peacocks, bright pillows and Renaissance portraits - there is no place for boredom and seriousness in this apartment. Throughout the house are arranged photographs and memorabilia, and every room here, as a new discovery. Here's how the classical space in the middle of Paris can be turned into a bright and cheerful world!
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