Best 6 Ways To Simplify Your Life At Home

Best 6 Ways To Simplify Your Life At Home

Architecture & Design: Best 6 Ways To Simplify Your Life At Home

Are you over-complicating your life at home? Be honest. We all over-complicate sometimes. But home should be the place you try and keep things as simple as possible, so it can be your retreat from a complicated world you can't control. Check to see if you're over-complicating in any of these ways.

Do it now

It doesn't really matter what it is — from washing the dishes to putting the clothes back up in the closet to folding the laundry to filing that paperwork — do it now, not later. You can simplify your life in lots of ways by doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done and not waiting for it to get worse. So dishes don't take more time to clean later because of caked on dirt. So important paperwork doesn't get misplaced and take longer to find.

Learn to say no

Like in life, learning to say no to stuff you really want to say no to but keep saying "maybe" and "Sure! absolutely!" to can make life at home a lot simpler. Like saying no to hosting that book club when you're stretched too thin, saying no to dog sitting that dog that always chews on your furniture and more. But it's also about saying no to yourself when you know you're trying to put stuff off for later (see above) or any other number of things that you know you should be doing for the better of your home, your life and your sanity.

Streamline your stuff

Do you really need ten black sweaters? Eight remotes? Twenty bedroom pillows? We know we give the advice to declutter a lot, but this is more than that/different. Yes, having less stuff helps keep your home looking and feeling clean, but what about saving your sanity? Having less options of things to choose from — taking the complication of choosing between too many things out of the equation of your home life — is a fast way to make life a lot of simpler. So think about any tasks that take you a long time to complete because you've got to consider (and maybe even dig out) the objects you want to use and see if you can eliminate some of your choices.

Give everything a home (and keep to it)

Lose your keys a lot? Can never find the scissors? Always seem to be missing the tape? Giving every.single.object in your home a home — a place it's supposed to always live (and is maybe even labeled to really drive the point home) — and then actually returning those objects to their homes when you're done using them will mean always knowing where your things are.

Make a to-do list every day

You might have a work to-do list you make each day, with the professional tasks that need completing. But why not create a to-do list for things around the house? You might find doing this each day in the morning helps clear your brain (and maybe even helps you think about work a little more clearly) but it also might help you develop those home habits you've been trying to cement, like doing a quick-pick up around the house or making meals ahead of time. In any case, taking the thoughts flying around your brain and organizing them on paper (or digitally) will help simplify that part of keeping a home, anyway.

Do one thing at a time

We've all been told for awhile that multi-tasking doesn't really make anything get completed faster and trying to do too many things at once can lead to mistakes or incomplete tasks. So slow it down. Take it one cleaning/organizing/home task at a time. (The exception might be doing something else while waiting for your laundry to finish or maybe spraying a countertop or grout to soak ahead of scrubbing). Not only will this simplify your life by warding off mistakes, it'll bring a little more peace into your life by helping you practice staying present (which is a form of simplicity in of itself)

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