10 Brilliant Tricks to Easily Clean the Things You Weren’t Sure How to Clean

10 Brilliant Tricks to Easily Clean the Things You Weren’t Sure How to Clean

The normal thing for most people is to buy commercial cleaning products that are expensive and also contain chemicals that are carcinogenic in nature.

Here are some tricks and tips you can try out today to get your home appliances and fittings clean.

1. Cleaning Your Bathroom Tiles

There is nothing more frustrating than dirt trapped in your tile grout or the appearance mildew on your tiles. You can use candle wax to create a thin film on your grout to seal it and stop dirt from lodging in it.

2. For Your Air Conditioner

You should always check your air conditioning unit’s filter to ensure that the trapped dirt is cleaned. Use soapy water to wash the filter and then dry it out.

3. Get Your Refrigerator Clean

Make sure you clean your fridge regularly especially if you have erratic power supply. Use soapy water and a cloth to wipe the trays and other components in the fridge, this will get rid of nasty smells and also prevent bacteria growth.

4. Taking Care Of Your Laptop

Use a microfiber cloth to clean your laptop. Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your laptop so as not to cause discolouration.

5. Your Dog Toys

Soak your dog toys in a water and vinegar solution to disinfect them.

6. For Your Cumbersome Looking Bottles And Glass Cups

To get those oddly shaped glass cups and bottles clean you can use a magnet cleaning process rather than trying to poke a stick with a small rag in them.

7. Clean Your Shower Curtain

One problem with shower curtains is the appearance of mildew, to get it off all you need to do is use bleach and toothbrush and clean off the mildew, patience is required though.

8. Get Your Car Upholstery Clean

To remove stains and to restore your car upholstery to a decent condition all you need to do is mix club soda, vinegar and dish soap all in equal quantity, use this mixture to scrub the upholstery. You can make use of a soft scrub brush and then vacuum or use a steam cleaner.

9. Get Your Mattress Clean

Use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, dish washing soap and baking soda to clean your mattress.

10. Clean Your Mirrors

Use a microfiber cloths with some water and vinegar to clean your mirror. Avoid using harsh chemicals that will only dull its surface and leave your mirror looking somewhat opaque.


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