19 Clever DIY Garage Organization Hacks

19 Clever DIY Garage Organization Hacks

When we think of home organization or home improvement, we almost never think of our garage. The garage is always the place where we throw random items in bins and hopefully save enough room to park the car. But your garage is important. You should be using your garage space and making the most out of it.
There are many simple hacks you can do to better organize your garage. By better organizing your garage, you can store more items and make the most of the space. You can even make enough room for a work bench or maybe a man cave. It all starts with better organization!
Our list shows the top 19 hacks to make the best use of your garage space. These hacks are all do it yourself, and they are guaranteed to make more room. You don’t need to buy any special cabinets; you can do it all from your home.
These ideas are sure to help you come up with design ideas for your garage space or inspire you to do something totally different. Either way, organizing your garage can really change your home.

1. Easy garage pegboard

Organize all of your tools by making this simple DIY pegboard

 2. Crate cabinet

This amazing cabinet has sliding drawers made from crates. A great way to organize your garage

 3. Folding work table

Save space in your garage by making this folding work table. Pull it down any time you need to work!

folding work table

 4. Tool rack

This DIY tool rack is designed to save space by holding as many tools as possible

 5. Storage tower

Creating a storage tower can help you store more items by taking advantage of the height in your garage.

 6. Car protector

Protect your car from hitting the end of your garage with a pool noodle.

 7. Miter saw bench

Save on an expensive miter saw bench by making your own

 8. Dart board

This DIY dart board is made from an old wood pallet

 9. Storage cabinets

These cabinets can hold a lot and take up little space

 10. Lawn tool storage

By setting a wood pallet straight up, you can easily store your lawn tools without drilling hangers.

 11. Garden station

Beautifully organize all of your garden items with this garage garden station

12. File cabinet storage

Turn an old file cabinet into an amazing piece of garage storage furniture.

13. Wood lockers

These wood lockers add a rustic look to your garage and are very useful.

14. DIY mudroom

Keep all of your dirty shoes and wet jackets indoors, but not in the house.

15. Garage charging station

All of your tools will remain at full power with this DIY charging station.

16. Lumber rack

A lumber rack is a great way to keep wood scraps all in one place

17. Paint booth

This is perfect for those who frequently paint. This is also a great place to let items dry without risking unwanted touching.

18. Battery dispenser

Always know where your batteries are and how much of one type you have left

19. Ball holder

Keep all of the basket balls and soccer balls in one easy to access place.

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